Page Domination


FAQ’s – (We don’t beat around the bush!)

How will PageDomination grow my business exactly?
The simple answer? There are 100s if not 1000s of people searching online for your EXACT product or service every single day. They are looking on search engines, local directories, social media, etc. Right now, those people are finding someone else’s business. Well, once you decide to work with us, we will make sure that (no matter where they are looking) they find YOUR business! So, right now people are buying from your competitors, but not for long!

Is all of this safe?
Awesome question! In fact, we wish more people asked this before working with a lot of online advertising companies out there. Our methods are 100% safe! 100% of the time! The only thing more important than our reputation is our client’s reputations and we never put either at risk.

How much does it cost to advertise with PageDomination?
We told you we don’t beat around the bush… We have a wide range of pricing, but that is not a bad thing… It’s actually a great thing! We completely customize EVERY ONE of our advertising plans for our clients (and our clients are businesses of all shapes and sizes). So our fees are no more than they have to be to get the job done! Also we have done our research, and found that we are one of the most competitive in our industry and the results we produce for our clients are UNMATCHED! Check the next question to see even more about why our pricing is so awesome!

Do I have to keep paying for advertising forever?
After we complete the 4 phases, you don’t keep paying the same amount month after month just to keep getting these Big-Time results from your advertising! Isn’t that sweet!? Once we have completed the 4 phases of building your online advertising empire, you are eligible to become one of our Elite Members (but you don’t have to) and we ensure you maintain the HUGE results you are already getting the ENTIRE time you are one of our elite members. What does it cost to be an elite member for life? Our Elite Membership is available for an INCREDIBLY manageable fee for nearly every business owner out there!

When will I see results?
We have a proven 4 phase plan that works 100% of the time! Typically it takes about 4-6 months to get to the full swing of the Domination phase where all of your advertising is running at FULL FORCE. And we are working HARD for all of those months, after that, you become one of our Elite Members!

What results can I expect? And can I expect a positive ROI (Return on Investment)
BIG-TIME RESULTS! When we develop our customized plans for our clients we focus on these two things:

  1. Get more customers and sales for our clients.
  2. Focus on getting our clients a POSITIVE ROI on their advertising.

Why is PageDomination different than other online advertising companies?
Quick list… “Organic” search results, you personally work with Kendall & Michael, we WORK HARD for ALL of our clients, we deliver REAL, MEASUREABLE results, PageDomination gets you Actual Customers and Sales, and honestly a lot more…. But one more BIG difference is US. If you read a little “about us” you will find that combined, you will get to work with one of the top online marketers in the entire online advertising industry, and an entrepreneur who has built 2 extremely successful businesses… And we are ready to put our experience to work for you.

Does Michael really like to run?
Only when he’s on another one of his “workout kicks” the rest of the time, he really enjoys sitting behind a desk and helping business owners like you succeed!

Is Michael really that good looking?
Ehhh…. Maybe, but he is a much better golfer!

Will I really dominate my competition?
Yes! Because we do not work with any of your direct competitors…On the flip side though… It’s important to get in touch with us quickly, before your competitors do.

If there are 6 Oranges and Michael has 7 apples, then how many oranges does Michael have?
Trick question, Michael doesn’t even like Bananas….