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Written as a “business owner” perspective to Advertise YOUR Business Online:

The growth of the Internet over the recent years has totally changed the way people do business. Being an extremely hands-on business owner, I know just how important it is for businesses to keep up with changes in technology. I have heard and known of a lot of horror stories of companies folding up just because they were not able to ride with the changing times. Fortunately for me, I have always been keen on making sure that I take advantage of technology to grow my business and be where my target market is. One of the most effective ways to establish a solid brand identity and to keep in touch with thousands of customers all over the world is to advertise your business online. 

What are the advantages of advertising online?

Having been in business for a number of years now, one of the things that I find most challenging is keeping up with the changes in technology. I am grateful that my business consultants kept convincing me to start advertising on the Internet and to have a strong online presence. It took me a while to get educated and to be convinced about the digital business landscape but soon I learned that there are a number of advantages to it.

1.) Cost-effectiveness

Advertising on Google, on different search engines and social media platforms are way cheaper compared to traditional advertising. Advertising with a billboard or in newspapers will probably cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Internet advertising on the other hand, can sometimes be free of charge or costs so much less giving you greater value for your money at the same time offering you wider coverage for your target market.

2.) Wider reach

Brand awareness is the number one driver of revenue and profit for a business. When I launched my company several years back, I made sure to spend a chunk of my initial capital for marketing and advertising. When Internet users all over the world started to grow in number, my business consultants told me to switch our company’s strategy towards advertising online. I wanted to make sure that my company is seen and known by my target audience so that I am better able to establish a solid brand identity for my business. This is because a single ad on a search engine, on a website, or social media platforms can reach thousands of Internet users all over the world in just a click of a button.

3.) Measurable and informative

The greatest advantage of “advertising on Google” or online is that it is easy and convenient to track the progress of your advertising efforts. Most online advertising services provide companies like us with information on how many people are clicking on our ads, at what time of the day they are most likely to see our ads, as well as a bunch of other information that helps us learn how effective our ads are. Advertising online is a two-way street. It helps customers get to know our company better and it help us understand better how our customers behave. This way, we can tweak our ad campaigns to suit the style and preference of our customers, which will ultimately lead to an increase in sales and revenue for the company.

Why did I choose Page Domination?

While my business consultants and I were browsing through the Internet to look for the best way to advertise our company online, we came across Page Domination Page Domination is an online advertising agency founded by two innovative and brilliant Internet entrepreneurs Michael L. Mattos and Kendall Bradley. From the moment I entered their website I knew that I was on to something great. After browsing around, I discovered just how effective online advertising can be and ended up convincing myself that Page Domination is the best agency to sign up with. Here are the reasons why:

1.) They offer comprehensive advertising services at the most affordable price.

With Page Domination, I am confident that I am receiving a womb-to-tomb service. I do not have to worry much about anything else because the company does everything for me. The moment I made my first inquiry, they offered to give me a free evaluation of my company’s current advertising and marketing strategies. They then gave me a personalized proposal based on what else needed to be done in terms of advertising online.

Next, they helped me build a foundation for my company’s new advertising strategy. We sat down and talked about our plan of action and they made sure that we laid a solid foundation to support the online advertising efforts of my company. Third came the implementation stage. When everything was in place, we were ready to fully launch our advertising campaign and Page Domination made sure that we continuously had active participation with our clients to ensure the growth of our business.

On the last step of the process, Page Domination saw to it that my company’s products and services penetrated through different online channels such as Social Media, local directory exposure and top rankings on different search engines.

2.) They have years of experience in the industry.

Page Domination is backed by their expertise and knowledge in the field of Internet advertising. I always believe that experience is the best teacher and the company’s founders have a good amount of experience to make them an authority in this particular field of business. From web optimization to social media advertising, the brilliant minds working behind the scenes on Page Domination know exactly what they are doing. They have helped my business reach new heights by helping me build a solid, effective and reliable online advertising strategy. I have never looked back ever since.

3.) They deliver optimal results.

Page Domination’s commitment to their clients is that they make sure to deliver results or they will work harder and pay the expense. Throughout my research on reviews and testimonies of other clients, I have learned that this company is always on the dot when they deliver their promise. In fact, they always go beyond what their clients expect of them. This is why they are the most trusted online advertising agency and they have helped a number of business owners like me gain a solid, strong and well-established online presence through a wide range of creative and effective Internet advertising strategies.

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To “YOUR” Online Advertising Success,

Michael and Kendall

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