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SEO is Dead

If SEO is DEAD, What Works?

SEO is DEAD!!!  What to avoid…

Do the wrong thing on the Internet and the Search Engines will de-index your website

In this video I share what to do and what NOT to do for Online Advertising and Promotion.  Make a mistake and it could cost you a lot of time and money.

Have you seen the video above that I posted?  If you found this video you probably stumbled across SEO is Dead on Google or you heard a bunch of Search Engine Optimization companies or blog posts stating very clear that SEO is Dead.

Several years ago there were things you can do to get on the first page of Google that are very different than today’s strategy.  In fact if you hire a SEO company that is utilizing systems or getting backlinks that are not relevant to the content, your website, blog post or video will get de-indexed and or penalized by using old SEO methods.

The reason why I say SEO is Dead today is because there are much better methods that are much more effective to get your content at the top of the search engines.  Simply give what your costumer wants – VALUE!!!  Provide relevant content that is readable!  This has always been Google’s position – offer the best search experience for the end user. Writing content so that the search engines will find it by doing some keyword stuffing will provide a spike to the top of the search engines, but will not offer longevity or sustainability to your post.  If it does work, it will be short term and today this practice is discouraged from all Internet search activity.  Personally I think this is also a reflection as to what type of SEO strategies this person or company is doing so be cautious before doing this type of SEO is Dead practices.  Research what techniques and methods your SEO company is doing and this will save your website from being penalized.

So if “SEO is Dead” what works?  Social Media is the NEW SEO!   To prove my point, the above video will get on the first page of google without using DEAD SEO methods by adding value that people will like, comment and share on Social Media networks. The search engines are starting to rank social media websites with high page authority like facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus.  I show how Page Domination is at the top of the search engines on facebook so this is a huge indicator to me that the search engines are ranking Social Media. Always add fresh and relevant content to send strong signals to the search engines.  The search engines like to see fresh content and active social media posting and promotion, plus this will keep you ranked higher and longer on the search engines.

As I discussed throughout the video, these are just some of the tools I use to monitor traffic, measure results, assess the competition and with cool video presentations.

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