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Blueprint for Local Business Marketing

PageDomination is excited to launch our “Marketing Blueprint for Business” In our course we teach Local Businesses how to market online and how to create traffic of hungry customers eager to buy everything they’ve got!

Designed Exclusively for “Local Business Marketing”

Our Exclusive Four Phase Process! 

After years of research and testing a variety of methods, we have created a simple four step process that works! Each client is unique, however every client has the same goals – increase traffic, get more clients and generate more revenues. We also know people are at different levels of experience with different levels of skill sets. Therefore we realized we had to design an instructional video “copy and paste” training format that would accommodate a local business just getting started or the business owner that has a great understanding of marketing online.

As a business owner progresses to each level, we begin to unlock another training video within our exclusive library vault! This process of controlled “Learning Management System” produces results – guaranteed!

Phase One – Foundation:

This is where we show you how to build a strong foundation. Just like anything else, a weak or poorly built foundation will fall apart and not generate the optimum results for your business. Before you can start to promote, you must lay a strong foundation! It is proven that if your foundation is weak, it will take TEN TIMES LONGER to obtain results and grow your business online.

Phase Two – Evaluation: 

This course will take your training to the next level! In this module, users will learn how to evaluate their current online presence, their competition and you will begin to see the overall “game plan” to grow your business online!

Phase Three – Promotion:

In this module, users will learn how to implement the strategies acquired thus far to beat out their competition, get more clients and make more sales – the fun and exciting stuff! This is where we really start to dive in with promotion, promotion and more promotion – this is the name of the game. Acquire these skills or have a good understanding on how to promote your business online the right way and you will dominate your local market…

Phase Four – Domination:

During this stage, you will be learning one of the most exciting aspects of Online Marketing – how to get found on the Internet with Organic searches. This course will take your training and business to the TOP – literally! Isn’t this the reason you signed up for the course? To dominate the marketplace? This phase is where your business gets found!

Want to “Test Drive” our online video course for FREE?

Register today and we will include the following video lesson plans:

  • Branding – general overview and the impact branding has on how people perceive your business!
  • Keyword Research – learn the insider secret to get your competitor keywords directly from Google and easily drive business past your competition and dominate the search results!
  • GEO Targeting – this simple marketing concept will boost your visibility in local search!
  • Video Marketing – video is one of the best ways to get on the first page of Google – we’ll show you how!

PLUS two FREE Bonus Videos:

  • How we turned a $60 video into $60,000 in sales!
  • How we get our videos to rank on the first page of Google in just 15 minutes!

We could easily be selling these videos as a $297 product bundle, but RIGHT NOW as you register, we will unlock and give you a “Test Drive” 100% FREE – no strings attached… Hurry before we come to our senses and remove this offer!

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