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Facebook Social Media Promotion

Facebook Social Media Promotion

Facebook Social Media Promotion – the RIGHT WAY to Social Shares and Website Traffic

This is one Social Media promotion secret I do every time I add a post onto Facebook! If you perform any “Facebook Social Media Promotion” this is a must do for Internet exposure, Social Engagement and website traffic.

In the video I explain HOW and WHY you want to implement this step every time when you post across the Social Media networks. One it gives you Social Shares on your webpage, two search engines LOVE Social Engagement and three it gives you website traffic when someone clicks on the image – this is powerful as you want to drive traffic to your website.  The more Social engagement plus web traffic WILL help out with ranking your product or service onto the first page of the search engines.

When I perform Facebook Social Media Promotion on each of the fan pages I manage, I notice a considerable increase in web traffic, Social Shares and website search ranking. Usually it takes 30 days to notice an increase in search results, other times it may take a bit longer…  Can you perform this process on the other Social Platforms?  Absolutely and you should!

Very Important Steps:

  • Must have Featured Image on ALL pages and Posts
  • Use 700 x 450 JPG or PNG as this image size fits perfectly
  • Use a free online tool to resize your images such as PicMonkey

Before this “linking” process will work, you must be sure the above steps are always performed.

Be sure when doing your Facebook Social Media Promotion that the Image Size you are using is a 700 x 450 and I recommend a JPG or PNG format. Sure there are many variations to image sizes, but I have uploaded several different sizes and this image size fits perfectly in the post!

Important Note: if an image does NOT appear when adding a link to your Facebook Social Media post, you MUST make sure you always add a “featured image” onto every page and post of your website otherwise you will NOT be able to upload and replace the image. Many times people tell me there is no option to replace the image. The number one reason this doesn’t work?  NO Featured Image, so always be sure you upload an image on every page and blog post!

What secret strategies do you use for Social Media Promotion?  Have questions about Facebook Social Media Promotion or Social Media Advertising or any other question related to website traffic?  Simply comment below or contact US direct.

To YOUR Online Advertising Success,

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