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How to Get FREE Advertising on Google!

“Advertising on Google” the right way is not difficult, if you know how!

Small businesses can get some “FREE advertising on Google” through Google Places.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT GOOGLE PLACES   Because Google is always looking to increase the value of its local search results and the maps application, Google provides a simple way for businesses to be seen in the search results.

Step 1: Get Found on Google – Set Up Your Account

How To Get Free Advertising On Google?  Make sure your customers find the right information about your business by updating your hours, address, contact information and photos.  To get started, complete the following before Advertising on Google:

  • Open an account with Google.
  • Create a short description of your business for when a user clicks on your business name.
  • Include your phone number(s), addresses and any other contact information you want to advertise.
  • Important: your telephone number will show up on the results page.
  • Upload a 150 x 150 size logo and/or image(s) of your business and products.









Step 2: Fill in Your Information

Go to Google and search for your business to verify that it is listed. Once it is, you will be asked to verify your business by telephone or with a text message. Important: don’t put your full address into Google, but rather the largest town in your area. This way your business shows up near the town when someone performs a search.

Who doesn’t like Advertising on Google for their business for free? This not only helps your business get found through searches, it will also get you more traffic, leads, and customers.







Step 3: Connect with Your Customers

Understand customer feedback and respond to Google+ Local reviews. When you upgrade to a local Google+ page, you can also share important news and updates with your customers.







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