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PageDomination: Cutting Edge Online Advertising Agency Launches

An online advertising agency launched a revolutionary marketing strategy that is packing a punch for innovative ways for businesses to advertise on Google.

PageDomination, an internet-based online advertising agency is breaking the mold for business owners wishing to advertise with Google.  Internet marketing and social media experts Michael Mattos and Kendall Bradley have joined forces to help business owners, no matter how small or large, professionally advertise on Google while also rescuing them from the redundant expense of traditional advertising.  “Business owners are witnessing a rise in cost of traditional advertising and seeing fewer results.  We want to serve them by funneling potential customers that are already searching for their product or service with a hassle-free solution that helps them catch up to current trends in the marketplace,” says co-founder Michael Mattos.  With their background in advertising on Google, specialty in video marketing, and expertise in social media viral marketing, Mattos and Bradley know that PageDomination will appeal to business owners and become the go-to online advertising solution.

More than ever, businesses are looking for innovative ways to reach their target customers including advertising with Google, getting involved in social media, as well as looking into video marketing campaigns for online advertising.  The search engine giant Google and their child company, YouTube, are set for even more massive growth as business owners continue to choose Google for their online advertising solution.  As easy as it sounds, competition for those first few slots on Google isn’t easy.  “Statistics show that paying for pay-per-click ads to advertise on Google has stagnated while ranking in the main search area is continuing to climb, along with competition for those slots,” says co-founder Kendall Bradley.  “We want to not only make business owners aware of the current trends, but also offer them a solution modeled after their needs for online advertising.”

PageDomination Home PagePageDomination revealed it’s 4-series blueprint that includes a simple, yet thorough evaluation of the company to create a sustainable, customized online advertising solution.  “A lot of online advertising agencies do not spend enough time in evaluating the needs of the business owner, and do not educate them on why advertising on Google is the best platform.  At PageDomination, we want to bring awareness and educate business owners of why they need to advertise on Google.  Along with that message, it is time to get to work for business owners who are struggling in the recession and need an economical friendly solution for online advertising.  Page Domination is the answer,” says Mattos.

Currently, businesses are scrambling to find a dedicated social media marketing professional.  According to the latest reports, Social Media Marketing Managers are in high demand with a salary topping out at over $117,000 annually.  That is just one component of what Page Domination’s online advertising solutions provide for its clients for a much cheaper, flexible solution.  “When working with Page Domination, you are aligning our resources, tools, knowledge and experience with your business,” says Bradley.

With Mattos’ background in two successful corporations he later sold and Bradley’s successful online advertising track record, PageDomination is a force to be reckoned with for other online advertising agencies.  PageDomination’s local and national search engine ranking and online advertising solutions are unmatched.

For additional information on online advertising solutions with PageDomination, please contact Michael and Kendall for a free advertising evaluation.

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