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Page Domination Monkey

How Monkeys Make People Smile

So if you are new to PageDomination, you may be thinking what the heck!? Are these guys crazy? Why are they putting a picture of a crazy monkey on their (Super Awesome, and incredibly powerful advertising page?)   Well, while the monkey is a little out of place, it’s HILARIOUS! Like I said, you may not be familiar with us yet, but what you will soon understand is that we are good at moving people online, and that’s what online advertising is all about; driving traffic, getting recognized and making sales.

Page Domination MonkeyWe use a lot of different techniques to draw people to your business (and ours) and we like to have a little fun in the process.

Question: Will Kendall & Michael be putting a giant picture of a monkey on my advertising?

Answer: Absolutely not! Well… Not unless you want us too!  In which case get ready for people to be talking about your business!

To “YOUR” Advertising Success,

Michael and Kendall

“OUR Images may NOT be serious, but OUR Online Advertising IS”

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