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YouTube ROI Increase

ROI Increase

Did you know this ONE video has a 1,000% ROI increase (return on investment)?

As of today [todaysdate] this video has several thousand views and can be found on the “First Page of Google” by searching several different targeted keywords, including:

  • Advertise on Google
  • Advertising on Google
  • Advertise with Google
  • Advertising with Google

Are you back from “Google’ing” these keywords?  Find the video on the first page?  What is my point?  Video Advertising and Promotion Works!!!

What I bet you didn’t know is that this ONE video which costs us only a few hundred dollars to create, upload, optimize, promote and rank, has brought in several thousand dollars in revenue for us.  In fact, a 1,000% ROI increase!!!

In addition, this ONE video continues to create NEW customers for us each month, plus this video is promoting and advertising our products and services 24 hours a day / seven days a week – ONLINE!

Just to be clear, this video is not a Paid Per Click (PPC) campaign so we are paying $0.00 for our Online Advertising!   Hence the FREE advertising thought process behind our marketing strategy.  At this time, we have TEN videos on the first page of Google under TEN different keywords, so you can imagine the traffic and the lead flow.  This one Online Marketing Strategy is so powerful, we never have to solicit our services…

Our Focus to Help YOUR Business Succeed:

At PageDomination our focus and specialty is video promoting and marketing and there are several reasons for this:

  • Most people would prefer to watch a one minute video instead of reading a 30 minute article
  • Google owns YouTube and as a result encourages videos on the search engine
  • YouTube is the number TWO search engine
  • YouTube videos have High Authority so videos are much easier to rank!
  • Great advertisement for your business, product or service

Now don’t get me wrong…  Simply making a video and uploading onto YouTube will NOT get your business on the First Page of Google

There are several important steps you must do when optimizing a video to rank at the top of the search engines.  Including keyword research (VERY IMPORTANT), knowing your target audience, the length of the video, the script, the images, the message, how you upload the video onto YouTube, the description, the keyword density, the meta tags and that is just the beginning…

So there are TWO options!  Hire a company like PageDomination to create and promote a video for you OR you can learn how to do it yourself (LIKE WE HAVE) for under $300 with a step by step Online Training Course that you can find here

YES the course works as we have generated over 20,000 leads online so far and YOU CAN TOO!  Imagine what your business would look like if you had a few videos on the first page of the search engines…

Getting ready to create a new video?  Either Contact US here or invest in your Online Advertising and register for this FREE YouTube Video course that will teach you everything we know!  Good luck and thank you for visiting our page…

To “YOUR” Online Advertising Success,






“Our Images may NOT be Serious, but our Online Advertising IS”