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Stop Struggling and Wasting Online Advertising Dollars

Online Advertising | If you watched this video, chances are you are a business owner wanting to get more clients from online advertising.

With so much information about online advertising on the Internet today, how do you know what is BEST for your advertising needs?  Plus you are probably tired of wasting money and frustrated with ineffective online marketing strategies that just don’t work.

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Before we get started, lets take a look at different methods of advertising your business online. Online advertising is simply advertising that is done over the Internet. This strategy, is the most effective means for small business advertising and marketing.  Of  the number of options, many businesses have found ways to advertise online through things that do not appear to be traditional advertising platforms. While the effects of properly doing online advertising are still being studied, it is the most rapid growing segment of the advertising dollar.

As more individuals and companies turn to the Internet as a source for daily news, research, socialization and communication, more advertising dollars will be spent. In fact, in a period of only a few years, online advertising is expected to increase from 6 percent of all money spent for online advertising, to 20 percent or more. This will signify the beginning of a fundamental shift in how all online advertising dollars will be spent from small business advertising budgets.

Online advertising is quickly becoming a serious force with all other types of advertising, including traditional methods that are no longer as effective. Magazines, newspapers, print ads, direct mail campaigns and billboards all over the world are facing a number of different challenges, including loss of ad revenue and some cases total failure. Many experts attribute some of those struggles to online advertising, which is not only taking a share of the advertising, but a share of the marketing audience as well. This is especially true of the young adult audience, which is a target demographic of many online advertisers.

Sure some methods work, but the problem is HOW DO YOU measure what is working and what isn’t?

The portion of advertising and marketing that is done on the Internet will increase significantly over time as more devices such as mobile telephones and tablets and televisions are connected to the Internet and people naturally spend more time on these devices. The valuations that the capital markets are placing on businesses related to online advertising are consistent with this prediction.

Businesses need to move their online advertising efforts into areas by making wide use of social media and video marketing.  If not active in researching all possible methods of advertising on Google, chances are sadly that more and more business will close…

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